Protecting God's Children



To volunteer for any programs involving youth,
follow the procedure below

Step 1: Register and complete the Online Youth Protection Program Course at (This will take about an hour)

Step 2: Print and complete the Online Youth Protection Program Forms:  These are attached to the bottom of this page and are also available at 
  1. Coversheet for Volunteers/Employees
  2. Employee/Volunteer Application
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Ministry Reference Form

Step 3. Obtain Clearances: Due to the New State Law, Three clearances are required for all youth group volunteers. If you volunteer at a school, sports team, etc. you may have already done these.  If you have already done these clearances elsewhere within the last year, simply make a photocopy of all 3 --These clearances are good for 3 years.  The first two are easy! MAKE SURE YOU ARE CONNECTED TO A PRINTER WHEN YOU DO THE CLEARANCES - Keep the Original for your own records, the parish should get a photocopy.

1. State Police Clearances:  Visit  Put in your applicable information.  There is no fee for volunteers
2. ChildLine Clearances: Visit - Create an account and input your information.  If you should ever need to file a report, you would use this same login/password.  There is no fee for volunteers) 

Step 4: Obtain FBI Clearances -
1.  If you have lived within the State of Pennsylvania for the last 10 years - Complete The "FBI-Release" at the bottom of the Page.
2. If you have lived OUTSIDE of PA for any period of time (including college) in the last 10 years, you MUST do an FBI Clearance:

  • visit​ and there are clear instructions.  
  • From the "Cogent" page, you need to use the "Department of Human Services" Link.  
  • Under Agency - Resurrection Roman Catholic Parish, 408 Eighth Avenue, Johnstown, PA, 15906
  • Under "Reason Fingerprinted" - put "Employment with a significant likelyhood of regular contact with children." 
  • There will be a Fee of $27.50
  • In about 2 weeks, you will receive the results, Keep the original, you may turn in a photocopy"

Step 5: Mandated Reporter Training

  • This is REQUIRED by state law for ALL volunteers.  It is a free, online program.  Go to register and complete the program.  You will need to print the certificate when you finish the program.

Step 6: Drop off Paperwork - Drop off all the above paperwork to the parish office.  We'll copy and mail it for you.  Put it all in an envelope with your name, marked "Clearances"  A complete file should include:

  1. Coversheet for Volunteers/Employees
  2. Employee/Volunteer Application
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Ministry Reference Form
  5. State Police Clearances
  6. ChildLine Clearances
  7. FBI Clearances OR FBI Release Form
  8. Certificate of Completion from Mandated Reporter Training




  • Clearance Cover Page
  • Employees and Volunteers Application Form
  • Ministry Reference Form
  • FBI Release Form
  • Code of Conduct








    Child of God - Luke Mayernik