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God, like a watchful shepherd, you care for us.

You make the earth yield healing herbs and medicines and give us the knowledge to learn of their power.

Your creative loves continues through the healing hands of doctors, pharmacists, and nurses.

Also, through the healing councel of priests, family, and friends. Bless all who suffer.

Our afflictions become a cross that burdens us with fear and uncertainity.

Cast out our fears and revive our faith.

Give us strength that we may be filled with hope.

Let the Holy Spirit come to our aid that we might live each day in the joy for which you have fashioned us.

Give us healing in body, soul, and spirit that we may be your servants in this world and enjoy the fullness of your presence in the life to come.

We make this prayer humbly, knowing that we cannot restrict or direct your saving grace.

We give joyful thanks for your compassion wherever we may find it.

We ask all of this in the name of Jesus who intercedes before you on our behalf.






On this page you can submit prayer requests or updates and/or view the requested prayers so you can lift them up to the Lord in your own prayers. PLEASE NOTE: Prayer requests cannot be posted upon immediate submission; they will be posted as soon as possible.


August 5, 2017

Bill has had a second interview and now waiting for an offer and employment package. He has been unemployed for a few months. Offer prayers to the Blessed Mother to intercede for Bill and help to make it happen.

August 3, 2017

Please pray for Tim who has Lou Gehrig's disease and is in need of an updated breathing machine. He asks us to intercede with prayers for Medicare to work on this with diligence. The last time they let him “fall through the cracks” and it nearly cost him his life.

A request for prayers for a young adult. He's been sick for a while now and is not getting much better; there is a lot of suffering. Please pray for him.

Please pray for Cliff. Pray for healing for his kidneys.

Lou is going for a pet scan and a visit to his cancer doctor. Please pray for good results.

August 2, 2017

Please pray for a man and his family who are enduring emotional pain brought on by lies.

Keep in your prayers Bonny , a 42 years old, who is having serious heart problems. She is also having leg problems. She will have heart cauterization this month due to an abnormality in the right side of her heart . Bonny is the mother of three children.

August 1, 2017

Please pray for Rose who recently fell. She is in excruciating pain. May our Blessed Mother hold her close.

Please pray for Ron who is looking for work and trying to find work in another field that's not so plagued by layoffs. He's a smart, well educated, hard working, good man. The area they live in has very few good jobs available. He has a wife and three kids - two of whom have special needs.

Please ask our dear Lord to bless Julie and her family. Recently they had to move to Asia for her husband's job.

Please pray for a young family, whose car was rear-ended by a semi in a construction zone. Two of their children have died, and their mother was just released from the hospital. Their only other child remains hospitalized and in need of healing prayers. Dad wasn't in the car with them, but he and his wife need your prayers as they grieve the loss of the two children and to comfort them in their worry about their surviving child.

Please pray for Becky, who is having bypass heart surgery.

Please pray for healing for Ryan as his cancer of the brain has returned after 6 years. Please remember his family, also.

Please pray for Diana.

Please continue to pray for Joyce.

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