Parish Cemeteries


Resurrection Parish
Cemetery Committee Mission Statement


Our cemeteries are sacred grounds, dedicated for the interment and memorialization of those who have gone before us. Since our heritage has been enriched by these men, women, and children, the Cemetery Committee of Resurrection Parish is dedicated to maintaining these areas with honor and dignity. As a manifestation of this respect and affection, it is this committee’s intention that our cemeteries be adequately funded, perpetually cared for, and fully operated within the guidelines of the diocese and the State of Pennsylvania.



Prayer for Cemetery Workers


God our Father,
in our cemeteries lay the men and women that have worked on our behalf. They knew the meaning of hard work. They knew the joy and peace that is the product of labor. Now we trust they know the peace and happiness of everlasting life with you.

They watched the sun rise often, over these hills and valleys. They worked hard by its light, and turned willingly to their rest at its setting.
Now they walk in the light of your Son, who knows no setting. Lord, if they are still in the waiting room of heaven, bring them speedily to the light of your peace and the happiness of your presence.

These men and women labored to make life better for their children, and all who followed them. We pray now that they enjoy in all its fullness the life that your Son came down to earth to give to us.
Dear Lord, bless us who labor now and carry on the work that these dearly departed have started. Grant that we may remember them with charity and kindness, walking reverently in the ways that they have left behind them. Grant, too, that we may finally meet these men and women, at the final reward that you are preparing for us.

We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.



Committee Membership

Father George M. Gulash - Pastor
Joann Fyock - Parish Manager
Francis Ozog (Chair) - representing Resurrection Parish
and local funeral directors
Bryan Hodos - representing the Pastoral Council



Information Regarding Our Cemeteries

Parish Cemetery Information Booklet

Erecting a Memorial Application

Burial Privilege Information

Transfer of Burial Privilege Information

Cemetery Fee Schedule

Resurrection Parish Cemetery Handbook



Locate Our Cemeteries

Locate Immaculate Conception Cemetery

Locate St. Casimir Cemetery

Locate St. Columba Cemetery

Locate St. Emerich Cemetery

Locate St. Rochus Cemetery

Locate St. Stephen Cemetery








Psalm 51 - Be Merciful, O Lord - Michael Joncasi>