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General Instruction of the Roman Missal

Third Edition of the Roman Missal (This is a large file, 1518 pages, so it will take some time to open.)

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Liturgical Calendar for 2017




Liturgical Ministries

If you are interested in any of the following Ministries, please contact George Pisula at 254-1961 or to request further information.


Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee is a standing committee under the Pastoral Council responsible for the promotion of the liturgical life within our parish, following the guidelines and norms set forth by the Church, our bishop, and our pastor. Liturgical ministries within the parish fall under the guidance of this committee. These ministries include:


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the ordained in distributing the Precious Body and Blood of Christ at Mass. Some of these ministers also reach out to parishioners who are homebound, in nursing homes, and in hospitals by making the Eucharist available to them on a weekly basis. One needs to be a fully initiated member of the Church to participate in this ministry.

Ministry of Altar Servers

Those fulfilling the Ministry of Altar Server assist the priest when he celebrates Mass. Some of their duties include leading processions with the processional cross and candles, holding the Sacramentary as the priest recites certain prayers, and preparing the altar at the Offertory. Both adults and young people are invited to participate in this ministry. This opportunity is open to all who have reached third grade. 

Ministry of Hospitality

Hospitality Ministers are the welcoming arm of the parish at liturgical celebrations. They primarily are responsible for welcoming parishioners and visitors, assisting with seating people when the church is crowded, taking up collections, finding participants for the presentation of the gifts, assisting anyone needing help, and distributing worship aids and bulletins. Anyone who is able to fulfill these requirements is invited to participate in this ministry.

Ministry of Music

St. Augustine is noted to have said, “He who sings prays twice.” Being a Minister of Music helps one to fulfill this role. Being involved in the music ministry at Resurrection Parish can take many forms. These include being a Cantor and leading the singing during Mass; serving as a Psalmist and proclaiming the Responsorial Psalm; being a Choir Member and supporting the congregation in its singing; and serving as an Instrumentalist, giving support and accentuation to our voices. All are invited to participate.

Ministry of Sacristan

The role of Sacristan is to prepare the church and sanctuary for liturgical celebrations. Some duties include ensuring that the necessary vessels and linens are available, that the books containing the readings and prayers are ready, that the gifts for the offertory procession are in place, and that other details, as directed by the celebrant, are completed. The sacristan also is responsible for making sure that all liturgical items are kept clean and in good repair. To participate in this ministry one must have a good understanding of the liturgy, know the proper names and purpose of the various liturgical articles, and have the approval of the pastor.

Ministry of the Word

Ministers of the Word, also referred to as lectors, proclaim the scripture readings at Mass. These ministers also announce the General Intercessions at Mass (if no deacon is present) and make announcements when called upon to do so – in these roles they are called commentators. The Ministers of the Word who proclaim the scripture readings at weekend Masses become part of the entrance procession. To participate in this ministry, one needs to be a fully initiated member of the Church. To allow for more youth participation at Mass, our bishop is allowing non-confirmed high school students to participate in this ministry as well.









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