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Genealogy Research Request Guidelines

At Resurrection Parish we have records from the six former parishes of Cambria City that came together to form Resurrection Parish. Those original parishes each had their own heritage: Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, German; Saint Casimir, Polish; Saint Columba, Irish; Saint Emerich, Hungarian; Saint Rochus, Croatian; and Saint Stephen, Slovak. Unfortunately, many of these records have been damaged or destroyed in the floods of 1889, 1936, and 1977, while others were destroyed in fires.

When working on genealogical research, please keep in mind that Church records are kept according to the dates of peoples’ sacraments or other significant occasions. We have records for Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, and Death. Without a close approximate date of a sacrament or death, it's difficult to find documents. Please note: School records are not accessible to the public.

Our books are very old, fragile, and often difficult to read. Therefore, only staff are permitted to access the books for information. While we do not have electronic records available at this time, our staff can take and send photographs of the records electronically.

If you would like to request sacramental records please download and complete found below. Each request must have a corresponding form.

Please mail your completed form(s) to:
Resurrection Parish
408 Eighth Avenue
Johnstown PA, 15906

Or fax it to: 814-539-8845, attention: Melanie Harris

Or email it to:

Ms. Harris can be reached by phone at:814-539-5788 Ext 4.

Please allow a few business days for a response.


If you are requesting your own sacramental records there is no fee. If you are requesting the records of a deceased ancestor for genealogical research, we kindly request a $25.00 donation (per 2 names). Please note: There is no guarantee that records will be found.

Record Search Request Form in PDF-format

Record Search Request Form in WORD-format









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